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The Dirty Show's Vile says, "We're really excited to debut Eroticolor. There are some artists that strike a nerve the first time you see them, you know they are going to be huge. Their work is refreshing, this iconic pop that jumps off walls. A stylized eros that oozes sex without relying on sex acts or cliché—objects of lust in three colors. They join a handful of artists (notably Colin Christian and Brian Viveros) who have been in our exhibition who can regularly create sexual emotion without revealing so much as a nipple." Jerry Vile from the detroit's dirty show

Eroticolor - NYC/Paris
The collaborative works of Sara Gage (NYC) and Lorenzo (Paris)


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The Performing Arts Are Dirty Show's Newest Conquest!
Theatre and Opera Join Visual Art in Detroit's Iconic Erotic Event
February 11-19th at Bert’s Warehouse in Eastern Market
The Dirty Show has passed from being only
a Detroit Valentine’s Day tradition
into a bona fide ritual.
From Friday, February 11th through Saturday February 19th 2011, Bert’s Warehouse becomes Detroit’s biggest art exhibition (figuratively and literally) of the year

For nearly a full generation, Cultural/Social guru Jerry Vile’s unabashed amalgamation of sex, art and social experience, has become one the city’s most endearing (albeit kinky) annual events that helps warm the collective hearts and loins of mid-winter Detroiters and visitors as well. (Yes, people actually fly in to attend and exhibit)

Advance tickets are strongly encouraged since three of last year’s prime nights, pre-sold out, leaving a long line waiting for late admittance.

In 12 years Detroit has become ground zero for the world's largest Erotic Art exhibition. You would almost think this is Paris or something, with no less than 350 works of erotic art from national and international artists working in all mediums. Starting locally but expanding globally, some of the artists who have shown at Dirty over the last 12 years sounds like a who's who of both Detroit-and world art.

H.R. Giger (Alien), Clive Barker (Hellraiser), Eric Kroll, Colin Christian, Bunny Yeager, Jill Greenberg, Shawn Barber, and Steve Canaday are but a handful of the international names that have shown at Dirty Show. Locally the artist list is equally impressive; Mark Dancey, Camilo Pardo, Glenn Barr, Niagara, Russell Keeter, Tom Thewes, Jerome Ferretti and Pablo Davis, (who at 95 is one of the longest working artists in the world).

Among this year’s attending guest artists include and seminal fetish photographer and film director, Rick Castro Society and the North American debut of Eroticolor (The collaborative works of Lorenzo (Paris) and Sara Gage (NYC) and the inaugural exhibition of SWEAT (Society of Women in Erotic Art Today) with over thirty of it’s 140+ members.

Ironically, Paris just might be about the only place where there hasn't been a version of The Dirty Show (yet), with successful satellite shows in Zurich, Sydney, Vancouver, Miami, Chicago and the incredible "Dirty Motel" on the West Coast. (the 2008, where a seedy LA motel was used as the gallery with individual rooms as exhibition spaces. It was innovative, clever and critically acclaimed.

Culturally, The Dirty Show has become more than an erotic art exhibit, or innovative performance art testing ground. The exhibition has evolved into an incredible, uninhibited social experience. It's an event where the attendees become as much a work of erotic art as the images upon the walls. The polysexual reconstruction of both Theatre and even Opera, prove that The Dirty Show isn't only about exhibiting "dirty pictures", it's become about the blurring of both genres and perceptions, moving the erotic arts into new and otherwise, traditional art forms.

This year's emphasis upon the performing arts is a perfect example of The Dirty Show's evolution into dare we say, "mainstream" areas?

Christopher Leadbiter, best known for the Performance Art experience, "Causing A Scene", is Dirty Show 12's Performance Art Director, overseeing the live and rollicking take on the Great White Way, "Stripper Theatre", where selected scenes from such works as, "The Miracle Worker" or "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf" will be performed along with a Fellini-esque live interpretation of the classic Italian killer clown operetta, "Pagliacci", featuring a Tony Award turning performance by Detroit's own, Satori Circus.

The Dirty Show Mission Statement-
The mission of The Dirty Show is to promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms. This is done in the form of an erotic art exhibition that has become one of the largest in the world. Since it’s inception at the turn of the century, the founders have been entertaining and enlightening the masses with a delightful event called, The Dirty Show. Held every Valentine’s Weekend, the show features a large number of artists, from first-timers to the famous at their dirtiest. While primarily focusing on area artists, The Dirty Show is open to artists from anywhere in the world, providing the work is good, erotic, they can get it here.

Friday & Saturday, February 11-12 7PM to 2AM - 21 and over only
Sunday, February 13 5PM- 12 Midnight- 18 and over
Monday, February 14th (Valentines Day) 7PM till 1AM
Friday & Saturday, February 18 -19 – 7PM to 2AM - 18 and over
Tickets $20 Advance $30 at the Door
Advance tickets online at www.dirtyshow.org and at local outlets

Bert's Warehouse Theatre
2739 Russell Street
Detroit, MI 48207-2614
(313) 393-3233



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